Auroch is a garden world in the Ariel system. It’s main space trade is waste management. It is thought that wastes from Illustra are creatively used by Arielians to produce weapons and other military technologies.

There are three main nations on the planets:


A strongly conservative nation with ties to Illustra. Vervat defers to Darkria to patrol and protect the approaches to Auroch. Vervat is the main partner of EARTHA, a commercial treaty for Illustra.


An ancient nation with a mystical background. Kha us was largely neutral during the last world war, and is thus in the best economical shape at the moment. Khamus has a sphere of influence containing about 30% of the population on Auroch.

The Republic of Darkria

The Republic is the main antagonists of Vervat. They advocate an end of trade with the rest of the cluster and were willing to neutralize Vervat over this.


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