A pocket full of stardust

Episode 1.2 - Like a hot knife in butter

A business opportunity

The three companions were sitting around the dining table while the newsfeed was pushing new details about the developing situation on Ariel. By the look of it, the native government had decided to intern an Illustran ship full of diplomats in the Ariel system. Archangel looked at Elzar and Jim.

“Here is our next job”, he declared with a smile. Certainly if the son of the benevolent leader is stranded in the boons, he should be rather happy to get a ride home.

The Sparrow docked at an orbital station and stayed there for a day while the crew was drinking their pay and the ship waited in line for refueling. There was no time to waste if they wanted the Sparrow to arrive before the Illustran Navy! However, this should not be difficult since the Sparrow was way faster than what the Illustran could afford to put together, even for military ships.

Jumping to Ariel

The Sparrow caught up with the Navy by dashing for a day at full speed (2G), then completed the cycle at a more leisurely 1G to finigh at the slipknot with another day at 2G. This kind of rough traveling was OK since there were no passenger to worry about in the way there. When the Sparrow got in range of the knot, they flicked the switch and zapped to Ariel.

To everyone’s surprise, the Sparrow arrived almost on a vector placing it in an interception course with a Darkrian destroyer. There was another one far off on the sensor display which was not a real source of worry. The Darkrian sent a message demanding that the Sparrow return through the knot to Illustra. Archangel ignored the summon and called everyone to battle station. He sat down at the EW console and fried the destroyer much more easily that he anticipated it to be. The other destroyer attempted to jam them but only brought upon itself the wrath of Archangel who turned off all main power in the ship after hacking into its power management module.

The Sparrow scanned the area and identified two more Darkrian destroyer near Auroch only orbital station. This should probably called for more tact than on the way out of the slipknot, but the possibility remained to teach the Darkrian to never cross Arma technology when wielding a a wooden club.

Off they set out on a leisurely 1G transit to Auroch to see whether some stranded diplomats needed a ride.


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