AMA Sparrow



Hull: 2
Heat: 3
Data: 4


V-shift: 5
Beam: 2 (Defensive system mainly)
Torpedoes: 1 (AIM-67 deep space mines)
EW: 4 (“cloaking device” suite)
Trade: 3


  • Interface vehicle
  • Civilian
  • T3 slip drive


  • Reclaimed from a disgraced carrier
  • Need a paint job
  • Discontinued model and parts
  • Passenger liner
  • Famous for discrete job

This ship’s main claim to fame is the state-of-the-art EW suite that allows to muddle, duplicate and erase its sensor track from other ship’s tracker systems. This is thereby making it invisible to most systems where digital processing is in the loop (all of them, actually).

The carrier that operated this ship went belly up because of poor safety records. Archangel bought the ship for a reasonable price and brought it up to standards. Hopefully this will be good enough.

The key now, it to keep her going, full of wealthy passengers, to pay the bills.

AMA Sparrow

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