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Session notes - Cluster and Character generation

We had our first session yesterday. Here are some notes on how it went.

Cluster Generation

We debated on the number of systems to worry about. The books suggests 6 to 12, we were 6 around the table. Some thought that 2 per players was a good idea, but the thought that less is more won in the end and we created 7 systems: 1 per player and a bonus one (Ariel). In hindsight, I think that 12 clusters wouldn’t have made the cluster more interesting this time around and the generation may have turned into a chore.

Everyone had a great time coming up with aspects. We created two per clusters, then brainstormed about how the systems would interact. The cluster was drawn on a 3’ long piece of examination paper, so we had a lots of room to jot things down. Our emphasis was on imports/exports: but the concepts were loosely treated: Arma imports brain while it exports blackbox technology with Khaleb.

We ended up with a strongly bound together cluster with no obvious source of war, but a strong sense of cultural tension between Illustra and Pharr somewhat similar to the relationship between the Roman republic and the Greeks.

Character Generation

This took longer than planned, but it was fun. We progressed well until the third phase, at which point the 4th phase sortof blended in as we were more and more creating a campaign seed instead. I think that the group (at least I did), ran out of steam on defining aspects. We settled on stopping at 8 aspects per characters. This leaves two slots which can be filled during future refreshes.

We didn’t go far enough to actually fill our skill pyramids, nor define stunts. We are hoping to do this offline here on this site so that we can start playing in two week.


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