T2 E3 R0


  1. Place where people want to live
  2. Change is bad.
  3. All roads lead to Rome.
  4. Resource is information.

Politics and Culture

Emphasis is put on trying to build a better life. The political landscape is completely centred on a benevolent dictatorship looking over a series of fiefdoms that rally under a common federation known as the Conglomerate of Benevolence. Resources are thin so there is a wish to avoid wasting it — vandalizing or destroying natural resources is a crime punishable by death.

Very bureaucratic; forums for discussion on every major change in way of life. The law is always above all. Philosophical thought is valuable and encouraged but only in so long as they further current, conservative, ways of thinking.

System Topology

The centre of the system is, not coincidentally, the location of the Throne of the Regent on the planet of Mihane. Shuttle services and movement from surface to space, facilitated by space elevators, move between planets in the system in a very regulatory fashion as dictated by the edges of the figure above. Other planets of note include the following:

  • Zcal: A populous garden world.
  • Yxil: An overgrown, tangled tropical planet.
  • Gtan: A heavy-population planet that has become a business centre.
  • Hzial: An agricultural centre.

Natural History


Trade is an extremely delicate concept to the general people of Illustra. A very complex network of stock brokerage and resource trade exists between the many planets in the sector that functions perpetually to ensure the different planets are as sustainable as possible with what resources are at hand. The market is a controlled one, as opposed to a free market, where the Illustra government ensures a working system of supply and demand without the threat of monopoly. Brokerage is a sought-after career path for many people of Illustra as the workings of this market requires a great deal of knowledge and training to traverse.

On the flip side, interstellar trade is not nearly as complicated, but is far more important. As Illustra is a hub for all transportation in the cluster, it is also a hub for the moving of items and the conducting of trade. Many multi-planet agencies have been established to facilitate this conducting of trade and offer their services to the many foreign peoples of the cluster who wish to conduct business in Illustra space.

Place in the Cluster

Information is the resource that Illustra trades in. They have the greatest degree in the graph of all clusters, and is typically a transportation hub for all slipstreams. As they do not like change, they do not need for much. But a great deal of people want for things and the trade coming in is prospective — more so is the information that it offers and the opportunity to share land for business and communication to be done so they are in the grapevine.

The most useful contribution to the cluster is the construction and maintenance of an information relay station that goes by the name of the ILA Stormvine. The Stormvine is a self-sufficient unmanned station effectively functioning as a data centre for all public information and news that needs to be communicated across the cluster between slipstreams. The popularity of the Stormvine has furthered the construction project of a new station, the ILA Equator, that would possess a similar function intended only for the transmission of private information as a classified and paid service by the Illustra government.


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