T3 E-2 R0


  1. Only the rich breath fresh air.
  2. The monkeys invented it, then they died before writing the manual.
  3. Kva’axes make my tea.
  4. Dying race of Kings

Natural History

The Arma system is made of one small planet (Argon) and a few searing hot rocks (Shimmer, Alder and Meikos). Argon’s atmosphere is thin, which leaves the planet bathing in dangerous radiation. Human in ancient days had probably been seeded in the system. The few that survived developed an underground infrastructure in very tight places.

Politics and Culture

With space, air and water at a premium, a strong societal stratification developed. The upper caste, made of rulers, deferred to the other cast for the life maintaining activities. The gap between the life of the upper caste and the other widened. They developed all sorts of technologies such that a minority could maintain the upper hand over the masses.

This worked out so well that the majority of the other caste waned and died of various form of environmental debilitations. Unfortunately, the caste that contained the engineers and inventors also died down, thus putting an end to Arma’s technological progress.


Arma began to explore the cluster through slipstreams and found all sorts of new civilizations to trade with. They purchase goods from Bx-Logs, purchase innovations from Kahleb and slave labor from Kva’ax. They pay in the export of high-tech components which has percolated through the cluster over the centuries.

The majority of the hard work done on Argon is done by slaves from Kva’ax.

Place in the cluster

Arma is seen as a dying race of Kings. They hold the secrets to fast and effective slipstream navigation, powerful weapons, but they do not deserve them. The point is moot as the humans of Arma are too busy being proper for posing a threat as a political entity. Most human of the ruling caste own luxurious, gated, properties on other systems such as Illustra and Phart.


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