T-1 E0 R-1


  1. We want to play with the big boys.
  2. Nothing to lose
  3. Waste management baby!
  4. That should have been mine.

Politics and Culture

Ariel was ignored for about 100 years when the slipstream to it first opened. The planet of Auroch was the theatre of a terrible genocidal war and the diversity of viral infection plaguing the planet convinced most entrepreneurs to stay away from this system.

However, when Illustrans figured out that it was much cheaper to slip dangerous wastes to Ariel than to eject them from their system’s gravity well, a booming trade of waste disposal and recycling was established on Auroch.

The humans of Ariel feel that they are not respected as equal. Politically, the nations of Auroch are united in the face of inter cluster relations. Many of the nations have barely stood down from all out war, and are considering projecting their forces upward to assert their sovereignty. One leading nation in resisting the economic encroachment is the Republic of Darkria.

Natural History

The system is made of a giant red star and one garden world. There are very few usable ore on Auroch, and space exploitation would yield very few profitable business.

A Gaz giant that is classified as a brown star also exists. This planet, called Dened, is on a highly eccentric orbit which puts it at its closes point from Auroch, at some 0.12 Ly away. This kind of distance is out of reach for the native of the system, but is reachable with better technologies.


Auroch is specialized in recycling of dangerous wastes, mostly from Illustra but also from Arma. The nationalized corporations engaged in this trade are being paid in black box technologies as well as hard cluster currency (Illustra denomination ).

Place in the cluster

Denizen from Ariel are actively building a space navy to assert their importance as a regional player. However, only a few scientific proble of native technology have made it to the slipknot and none have crossed beyond the singularity. Very few have visited Auroch, which is said to be heavily militarized and traumatized by the aftermath of a self-destructive internal war.


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